long time, no words.apologies.

Hi everyone, 

I hope you are doing just swell.I am sorry for the lack of posts and updates on this crazy blog of mine.I don’t know how many people actually are going to continue to follow me and these posts anyways since I am now home but I mise well write.

You did see correctly I am back in snowy, cold, wonderful, corn filled, hickerbilly Indiana.

When I last posted I was enjoying ship life and continued to do so for the months following, even during the storms, the crying children and the missing sock cases.The beers were nice, the flow of different languages still opened my eyes and well the beaches were still sandy.

My family came to visit which was like a vacation but I was still working, I got to take them to my favorite places and got to introduce them to my kind of living; loud music, different ethnicities and real mexican cuisine. Following that little escapade came Halloween which seemed to blow up ship life to an more exaggerating feel. By exaggerating feel I mean you could literally feel the amount of excitement of just letting loose for every crew member that whole cruise week like a bomb going off. The people, the music and the free beer was like a riot right before my eyes. The crew went insane, costumes ranging from a tee-shirt to authenticity that marveled even the entertainment staff. It was like a crew party I had never seen before. People packed into Chambers like sardines, the music deafening in the halls for the quick passerby guests to hear and guess what kind of nonsense was happening behind those closed glass doors, the smoke machines filling the room and our lungs, the dancing lights and of course all the drinks.I had never experienced anything so crazy, anything so loud and anything so fun.But it was only going to get better. My boyfriend and his lovely family came to see me which was nerve-racking but fantastic all in the same.Since I had never met them it was like a turn on my daily life too. The customary of meeting your significant others family and getting familiarized was all cut down into a mere 30mins. Let’s be honest they were stuck with me and me with them for a week. No exits, no hiding but together on a boat. We hugged, we joked and they accepted me. It was amazing. These people are amazing, loving, caring and wonderful with no judgement. They had never met me before and they already made me feel like I belonged in the first 5 minuets of meeting. I needed this, after my family had left I felt alone and more so then I had when I had first got there. Taking away somebodies familiars is taking away their home, and that was the worse part of seeing somebody because it eventually leads to goodbyes. I had used time to build myself up without them there with me and now i had to rework myself into doing it all again. I wanted familiarity, let’s be honest familiarity helps with all things bad. I am not saying ship life was terrible or anything of the sort but it was lonely. But back to the Will’s… ship-life came with rolling waves, small rooms and interesting food but they seemed to enjoy it while they were there. We went to comedy, we explored St. Maartan together and we had a blast. Mike has been nothing but good to me. Accepting, trusting and loving as always. It was a wonderful week and just made me that more excited about going home. In between the time of him and his family leaving I grew more excited. I was counting down days, packing my things and giving away others. Packing was the worse, I had bought so much and done so much that it was just ridiculous trying to fit it all into two suitcases. My last week was unforgettable. My grandparents were there, two crew parties one out back and one in the disco and of course the jello shots. I grew, I learned and I explored. 

While hating to leave ship life, I came to the realization that it was time to stop running and to finally figure out what it is I want to do with this life. I was given a gift just like everyone else, we are given a life and it is what we make of it. You can construct monuments or you can live with what someone else gives you but you are in charge of what you do; no one else, not your parents, not your idols, just you. I have done some amazing things in the last 5 years if I do say so myself, I graduated from high school, I swam for college, I went to nationals twice, I worked for Mickey Mouse and I explored the Western and Eastern Caribbean. Now what I do next is the next great adventure and figuring it out will just be half the fun. 

love, kisses and kittens



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