Storms and Salsa.<3

I dont think I have ever seen so much rain fall in Mexico. I am watching as rain plummets to the ocean like speeding bullets shooting from guns. It’s insane. It’s not like Indiana rain where the rain drops hit the roof in comforting pit-pats or in fits like a toddler being told no.This is something different, something very different. This is a storm on the ocean. When the water meets water, both hitting equally as hard as the other. Rain pours from the darkening sky and it’s probably one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. The ocean was calm and lapping up to the beach playfully  just 10mins ago and now its hitting the beach as if it were in a war trying to take over new land from the enemy, neither side winning. Everything is in a constant struggle the sun to the clouds, the ocean to the beach and the people against the rain, everything coming into a beautiful balance.

Just let me first apologize for not being on for so long. The internet on the boat and the islands is spotty at best and this is probably the best internet I have had since getting here. I am sitting at the beautiful El Cid Resort, in Cozumel, Mexico eating chips, salsa and guac. I am sitting here watching the storm unfold. There is no thunder, no lightening, just the waves hitting the rocks and the rain hitting the ocean. Really i shouldn’t have said anything about the internet because now it keeps going out on me now…

There isn’t really much to say, the same thing happens everyday. I get up, go to work, take a nap maybe eat, go back to work, deal with over-protective parents telling me how to do my job, deal with crying kids, drink myself into a stupor, contemplate life and then go to bed. That’s pretty much my life story at this point.

Have you ever wished you had a compass that told you exactly which direction to go?Like it would tell you the different options and choices along the way?That maybe to easy if it were too tell you everything. But a life-direction-compass would come into handy at least you would be able to tell if your going in the right direction or if you need to turn around. If you ever had a problem just whip that bad boy out and see where you lost yourself and you would be good to go.

Anyways i am contemplating different ideas for books but the more i think of the different ideas the more i realize that others have already wrote about the same thing and I want to be totally original..I think i just need to try harder.But with as much time I have to myself the less i think thats possible.

Well the storm has stopped and I am dying to get back in the water. I hope all is fine at home and everywhere else.

love you all and miss you even more.




4 thoughts on “Storms and Salsa.<3

  1. Sorry Rye and I missed you on Skype. We have it figured out now. It is installed on her Mac and she always has it on… So next time you have a chance hit us up!

    Ps compasses are dumb! The go in circles! Life has no “easy” button….that’s what makes YOUR life. Otherwise there would be no stories, no adventures, and no dreams!

    Hugs,kisses&goats! I hate kittens! 🙂

  2. You’re stories always remind me of books or novels. Haha. BTW, you can stop with the gorgeous pictures on fb at any point.. thanks.
    Xoxo 😐

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