The Good Samaritan is a dumbass and gets greedy. (disclaimer:there are a few naughty words)

Ugh.So doing your own laundry is not only annoying but it’s also time consuming and difficult to manage.I mean there are so many cycles, type of clothing, color v.s. white, delicate v.s. fleece, it’s just dumb.Don’t get me wrong I have done my own laundry for a couple of years all by myself but there a comes a point in time where you start thinking, “You know what?Fuck this.I am just going to throw it all out and buy new shit because doing laundry sucks.” I mean the sorting process takes about ten minutes and then having to do different loads just so the colors don’t meld together or it doesn’t shrink or because your scared your bras’ wire will sprout out of the side takes forever.I would rather be sleeping or reading or you know not doing laundry.But I guess all in all this is just another first world problem and I take it for granted, I am not going to lie but if I go through the trouble to sort through all my laundry then I really would rather it not get fucked up. Whether the laundry machine decides its going to mess with me or some other human being decides they want the machine I am using.BACK OFF!

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat, laundry doesn’t get finished in a mere 45mins that just doesn’t happen.You have to let it wash and then you have to let it dry, thats a good 50mins for washing and then what 42 mins for drying?So all in all your looking at around 2hours or so for laundry.Now my meeting was suppose to go from 5-6, it started late and we got out early. I put my laundry in the washer around 4:40 or so and then came back maybe 5:52 to put my things into the dryer but low and behold!My shit was already in the dryer, COMPLETELY DRY!What the hell!?

Be prepared, this is all bitching:

A)I have dirty underwear in my laundry, I don’t know who you let touch your dirty underwear but unless your my mother (and that’s not even allowed at this point) or me you are NOT too touch my underwear.Whether they be clean or dirty, I DONT CARE, DON’T TOUCH MY SHIT.Don’t touch my lacy thongs or my period hip huggers because you want my damn machine!UGH!Not only is it gross but c’mon.I dont know you, you don’t know me, GTFO.B)I have sorted my laundry in a sort of way that you don’t understand.Did I explain to you how I wanted my laundry done?Are you in my head?NO!DON’T TOUCH MY STUFF!C)Have you have touched lace before?Have you ever owned a Victoria Secret Bra?Or even wore one?NO?WELL THEN WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING MY SHIT?!Lace clinks up when you dry it, (HENCE WHY IT”S CALLED DELICATE) causing those really cool designs in thread on the back of my shirt to break apart and rip.Bras?they aren’t suppose to be in the damn dryer to begin with.They wear out faster.Do you have money?No?Well neither do I.Do you know what that means,jackass? I won’t be buying a new bra for a while because you have decided to blast the heat on my nude bra.So thank you.D)When it comes to swim suits you aren’t suppose to dry them.Not boys, not girls, nobodies.And guess what you fucked up two bathing suits for me.Oh, would you look at that.I ONLY PACKED TWO!SO that’s a shirt,a bra and two bathing suits I am now out because of your greedy machine wanting ass.BUT I AM NOT EVEN DONE!E)Do you like taking other peoples bottoms to wear around?Because if so you need help.That is disgusting and not clean.Just so you know I peed in those bottoms, so I really hope you enjoy. 

Let’s just clarify, this whole rant is because some asshole took it among themselves to do my laundry.Notification-Don’t touch anyones laundry that is not yours.It’s not ok.I don’t go around touching peoples and I expect the same respect.

Sorry about the cussing and about the nonsense but I am entirely too tired to be dealing with this.I am running off 6cups of coffee and 4hours of sleep (thank you boat drill).

But too the good part of my day—I was told today I got my first TGM!This is when guests comment on me and use my name and everything and send it to the head office and what not and then my supervisor has to appreciate me!MUHAHAHHAH.Only my 2nd week last week and I got comments?And!I was the only one that got any recognition!Can you say winning?I also got another comment card.It was a pretty good day..except for the jackass.

I gotta go back to work.Love you all.




2 thoughts on “The Good Samaritan is a dumbass and gets greedy. (disclaimer:there are a few naughty words)

  1. love it you are perfect. those tgm maKE RAISES COME……MONEY MAKES THWQ WORLD GO ROUND ..THE WORLD GO ROUND..THE WORLD GO ROUND buy your cloothes in outfits…inclouding s ssuits. put qall in a bag when dirty. hire a lady to do your laundry in fla. dock then switch out each trip. you can find a cleaners or laundramat that will have or know someonew.

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