sand between your toes and the ocean breeze in your face.

I feel like all i do is get on here and just say the same thing over, over and over again.But whatever until i hear i need to change something i dont think i will.

So for the past couple of days i have been working as the baby-sitter, which is one of those jobs that are awesome but have total draw backs.Last night there was a crew party and the theme was latin night, its probably a good thing i didnt get off till 2:30am because i would have just embarrassed myself seeing as i can’t dance to begin with.Anyway, kids get dropped off at whatever time to begin with then the parents have the option to pick up till 3.I am telling you what, this cruise i have the best kids compared to the last kids on the last cruise.The first cruise i had a good beginning bunch, not to hard to handle but still had a few streaks while last cruise i swear i was just about to pull my hair out.This cruise i have some of the sweetest nicest kids that i have been able to meet.

But back to last night this young couple had dropped off there 2.5 year old and a 1yr they seriously would melt the coldest of hearts.The couple stayed out till 2:15 and when they got back you could tell they had enjoyed themselves at Caliente (nightclub). While i know i am here to watch children and not to be stupid or anything but i was kind of upset. I mean you have two very young children who didnt fall asleep until around 1-1:15 and your just out getting crazy?I know this is vacation but coming back at 2:15 is kind of like seriously?I can’t make judgement and i am not trying to i am just a little taken-back by that.I don’t think my family would leave me with a service till 3.But who knows they are young and they probably don’t get a lot of time to themselves, so whatever.

After work i headed straight for pizza pirate, as staff i am allowed to eat any where as long as i am in uniform or in resort clothing crew however isn’t so lucky,i knew thats where all my friends would be.Let’s be honest who doesnt like to have a few drinks and then fill up with pizza?Like i had guessed there was a fair amount of them, still pretty boozed up. To be honest i didn’t go to bed till around 3:45ish?There was just so much going on, cabin parties and such it was literally nonsense everywhere.

Today we got to go to Roatan, which is absolutely gorgeous a) and b) everyone is so nice.I bought some stuff too send home, i don’t know how i am going to do it yet but i do have a couple surprises.Also!i tried banana rum cake, i about died.It was amazing it took all of my will-power not to stuff my face and buy boxes on boxes…ugh.In Roatan there is this thing that is like a ski lift but it takes you to the beach, it is wonderful.It’s just so pretty.Today was also the Crew Party on the sand bar with the other ship called Conquest, it was amazing.So much fun and i met tons of people.i also got a free beer.snaps for me!

I wish I could keep typing but I have to take a shower.I have work at 6.:/

i miss you all back home and hope everyone is doing well.Ill call on saturday!

love you!




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