feeling like jimmy buffet, without the sponge cake.

Sorry its been so long, it’s been a crazy two weeks. I have learned lots, made tons of friends and i am loving every minute of it. 

Laying on the beach and drinking in the sun is probably the best thing that is known to man.Some may disagree and think i am ignorant but being here just makes me think of how blessed i truly am.Getting to this point in my life i have already accomplished so much; I have graduated from high school, swam in college, had leads in plays in college, became a captain, worked at Disney..etc. Just sitting here in the sand, having the hot mexican sun beat on me, listening to the waves roll into the beach, seeing everyone drinking drinks with umbrellas in their cups just makes a person feel so lucky.

The people here are wonderful, everyone is super patient with my ignorance as too what is going on half of the time and they seem to like me.:) There isn’t alot to do on the ship unless you want to drink.I go to the comedy club as much as i can, there is a night club called Caliente (that i try to avoid, just because i have to dress up), there is a singing bar, a piano bar but my favorite place is the crew lounge (this is also where the majority of my money seems to go).After a long day of work this is where all the fun happens.From being loud obnoxious co-workers-to making new friends-to the wonderful drinks that come so cheap( whats up 2 bottle of bud light for 2.54)-to amazing memories.I am having a blast. 

While I may be having a blast it seems as though it is coming with a price.I am constantly tired normally only getting 4-5hours sleep, there is no rest for the wicked.My 56 hour week went all the way up to a 60 hour week because some girl decided that she wasn’t going to show up at port on saturday to be picked up by the boat.Whatever with great experiences come great responsibilities. 

I think Cozumel is probably my favorite port thus far, I haven’t gotten to explore alot of the other ports but i have gotten at least a little taste of each.Cozumel’s water is gorgeous here on Paradise Beach. There are huge inflatable play toys; trampolines, slides huge things to jump off of (so naturally i did it all.)

Well.i am done boring you and i am sorry for the poor writing today but the beach is calling my name and this beer is tasting a little to good, btw i am drinking SOL it’s kind of like corona but not, I wish i were drinking a margarita but i have babies to watch at 7.

i love you all and wish you a wonderful week.




4 thoughts on “feeling like jimmy buffet, without the sponge cake.

  1. Many, including my cheap disadvantage self, will not have the opportunity to see the views, hear the sounds or smell the smells that you are being blessed with. Sounds like you are soaking it all in… Enjoy. By the way, Jimmy Buffett is a flipping genius… I love him #parrotheadforlife. :). Love you Conehead

    • oh hush!if i get my second contract underway you can def go!<3 i listen to jimmy everytime i go to the beach,i blame my parenting.however, i personally think i was taught well.#nextgenparrothead. love you nanny!

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