homesickness is a real buzzkill. this isn’t what i was expecting. i dont know if i am in a funk because this is still so new to me but it is sucking bad.normally i make friends right off the bat and maybe it’s because i am so much younger than everyone else and no one is as eager to make a new friend?i need sound so bleh.but it really is hitting me. i am trying to stop and i keep trying to be positive but i dont know why this is so hard for me and it’s making me so frustrated. anyways enough of that nonsense. i went out for the first time last night and mom this is a note for you, i need my party clothes. so that blue dress,black dress and red one i need!pleassse.i look like such a dork walking around in maxi dresses on formal night. but back to me going out last night..i went to the crew lounge, which is our bar, just for a beer and one of my coworkers saw me.Cue stupid. Her name is Samantha, she is canadian and she is really sassy. i thought she didn’t like me too well but she invited me to hang out with her and her new boyfriend (she has only been on the ship for a week..)trying to be polite i went with her to the karokee bar to meet her dj boyfriend, Rodrigo, and listened to some of the worst singers ever..then they were all like come to Caliente with us..i tried getting out of it but they werent having it, so i thought ok why not i’ll go.Already tipsy we went to this club and this club is for both guests and crew, well i left 15mins in because i knew i had to be up early.i couldn’t do it. i don’t know why, i am normally into going out and what not but i just wasn’t feeling it. maybe it was because i felt so underdressed but it just wasn’t the night. Plus all she does is talk about herself, non-stop. Well i am fine here.i am just really lonely and i miss home.i know it will get better at some point but i want it to be that point now.i am too impatient for nonsense like this. alsooo my stupid toliet doesnt you know how annoying that is?total bullshit. i am going to go to the gym today, i hope it will clear my head. i am already counting down the days till i am home.

i love you all,

hugs,kisses, and kittens


p.s. i think the kids like me, so that makes things a bit better.<3

p.s.s once again i am not spell checking or re-reading, ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.


3 thoughts on “homesickness is a real buzzkill.

  1. You did the right thing. This is the part where they seperate the “Keeps from the Non Keeps”. Think about your paycheck Month after Month after Month. I know this I was assist personel at JCGP yerss ago, Director YoGreentree country club, etc all the way to Rogers Spencer, Non much doing there LOL You wont know who is watching you go to work with a hangover, What parent is watching to see WHO IS WATCHING my kid. You are doing so good. Blogging is your personal#. Remember it is lonly at the top,,, But it is the top that pays the best..
    Missing you too…. no hugs yesterday from my “Favorite” G’Pat Love Ya

  2. Ok, it wasn’t but just a couple of weeks ago that you said you couldn’t wait to get out of this town, and now you are counting the days to get home and you’ve been gone 4!!!! STOP IT!!!! Of course the kids like you, you color outside the lines just like they do!! Enjoy yourself, people will be in and out, so be patient…. You will be fine 🙂

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