im on the boat!

ok!so i am on the boat and we are going pretty fast. i can feel myself drifting to one side to the other. today is the first day out at sea.all is fine here but i need to keep this short, i have to be at work in 20mins. so i got to the ship after about a 50min drive from the renissance hotel and well i stood in line for a good 40mins went to some training then went to my room and well my mouth about dropped open. they really spoiled me with the hotel room..seriously i was picturing small but this thing could count as harry’s broom closet under the stairs…my room-mate who doesn’t even stay in my room, she just takes up space, is a woman from the islands.shes a sweetheart but totally infuriating when it comes to being clean and most of you know i am not cleaned and i dont like to organize but in a space this small there comes a time where you just have to be.

i worked all day uniform doesnt fit (my shirt is a medium and i look like a gangster because its so big and my pants are medium and they are too tight in the crotch, i was like i have an ass and hips can i get new stuff and they were all like we dont have any but some are now i am walking around the ship looking like a ragmuffin with frizzy hair.). i dont think any of my crew members like me and i am pretty lonely.

i can’t read this or spell i am really sorry if this isnt making sense but i have to go to work.i hope everyone is having a lovely day and know that i love you all and miss you all so much.

hugs,kisses and kittens




no one,on this boat, likes country…


5 thoughts on “im on the boat!

    • i bought a time card and i am using the internet cafe.
      i dont have a day off, i was going to go to cozumel today but i have a training, so i am going to roatan tomorrow.
      i guess i dont get a discount till my second contract?can i come home now?

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