Hotel&the night before it all really starts.

So, there are several things that have happened today. I woke up, I went to the airport, I said goodbye to my biggest supporters, I got on a plane, I met a family/sat by them on the plane that will be on my ship, i checked in to the hotel, i sat at the bar, sat by the pool, sat by the bar some more, took a nap, ate dinner, went to walgreens twice, sat by the bar and now i am typing to the slow steady beat of kip moore’s voice (which is making me feel ten times better).

So let me begin saying that the flight earlier, from indy to orlando, was one of the best bad flights ever. That may not make sense to the people who don’t know me very well but to all of you weirdos/nerds that have put up with my nonsensical ways for any amount of time know that i like to look on the bright side, even when everything is going to hell.I boarded the plane, i hate planes (so really i should get claps for that), while smiling at all the tiny excited faces that were about to experience one of the most magical times in their lives it was hard to be nervous/upset.Everyone was just so happy it was like a sickness traveling through the crowd. I should have known this wasn’t going to last. There were many tiny children boarding the plane, 2-4s, and so on. Well if you have ever travelled with small children, you know it’s going to be a bumpy ride. For some reason babies don’t really seem to like loud noises, jolting movements and small areas where you can’t run/jump around. Anyways, I was in zone 5, one of the very last zones to be called aboard and that’s not a big deal to me.They already had my seat picked out, so why did it matter if i got there first or last? I walked down the aisle to D28.D is on the outside and 28 is in the very back with the jets , cue nervousness. Well sitting right next to me was a kid that was about 9-10 and his father a bigger guy with a nice friendly smile, we exchanged hellos and the nice greetings that you do so often from day-to-day, when the kid started talking to me. This kid was awesome, super sweet, asking questions and generally just a nice kid to sit by. Some people might find it over bearing to have a kid talking to you throughout your flight but to me it was calming and made me feel ten times better because it had me thinking of all my younger cousins who can’t stop talking, ever, so it was comforting. Anyways we got into a conversation about where we all were going and stuff. Well Dalton (the kid), told me he was going on a cruise making me automatically excited, so i started asking questions!”Oh where?Which one, Disney?Which ship?” “No, no. We are going on Carnival, The Dream.”(-Dalton). I about died.Did I really get lucky enough to meet a family that was going to be on the same ship as me, during my training week?Sweet. So the family and I became fast friends, talking and what not. If you know me at all i am overly excited and will talk forever about all the time.While this all was happening, in those 10 quiet beautiful minutes, the babies that i had earlier talked about, decided it was time to start freaking out. I mean it was insane, bawling, crying, screaming and really just throwing fits. I could literally feel the embarrassment that that poor family was feeling, it was like in waves, just pounding on these poor people. This emotional rollercoaster for these poor babies did not end, it did not end until after existing the plane. Once those people were walking down the aisle way it was like the babies hadn’t even opened up there mouthes or started tearing up in the eyes. It’s crazy, so many emotions in such small bodies just confuse me. 

After all that nonsense, I said goodbye to the family and to all of the other people I had talked to on the plane and went on my way. You don’t really realize how much you miss a place until you are back in that very place, smelling that familiar smell and seeing familiar sights that just pushes you back a couple of months in a very different time of your life that makes your heart just seize up and feel so happy to be back.Really, i don’t know what it is about florida but this place is just like home. It doesn’t have my family but it has so many memories here that it embraces me into a hug like a very old friend every time i get here. 

I got to my hotel and i can’t express how awful i felt when i walked through the doors. I was sweating, I was wearing flannel with black leggings, carrying 4huge bags and well just to put it short i did not look like i belonged. I should have been staying at the local holiday inn with the way i looked. Because seriously i walked in and this hotel took away my breath. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s beautiful in it’s simplicity and with the people here, i mean seriously? I did not expect this. Nor did i stand a chance. 

I thought all the nervousness had gone away with the flight, well it hadn’t. I mean let’s be honest, when you are all alone and you have nobody to talk too, what is one suppose to do? Well. I will be truthfully honest, i think and that’s when everything starts going down hill. I think so much, psyching myself out just making up problems and whatever just causing one huge problem…it just becomes crazy. I am here all alone, i don’t know anybody, i have only had conversations with the bell hops and the shuttle drivers (which crazy fun fact, one of the guys go to falafel..yeah.about that.:))oh and the bartender, who’s name is Alberto, he makes wonderful drinks. So hats off to him.:) While all this may be hard, it’s only the beginning and the beginning is always the worst. Everything will be fine and I will be fine. And if not, Indiana is gorgeous in the winter. 

Really, i have had a wonderful day and i know i will be better tomorrow. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, right? 

leaving you with all my love and thoughts.




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