good morning.

hello again!

just a quick entry before i get underway! i slept something awful last night, nightmares and lots of turning in my sleep.but it’s all ok i am on my third cup of coffee and i think the room is

i laid out a real cute outfit to board the ship last night and then i thought, if i go in wearing a skirt (maxi) while i am trying to move in four of the largest bags (that are being pushed to their limits) in the world, what will the crew members first impression be? high maintenance, brat, dumb and an all over wtf is she doing here? so i have opted for a ratty tank and a pair of sophies.hopefully this will give them the idea, a)i hate sweating, b) she isn’t trying to hard and c)that she likes to be comfortable when she moves shit. and if not, and they still are like “what the f*** is she doing here?” well then it doesn’t matter. i am already over this whole caring about what people think, but first impressions are always what people seem to go back let’s see if i have made the right choice. 

I need to start re-packing.ill try to get in touch with everyone when i get to the boat but i have a feeling that i will be working right off the until the next time, i send all my happy thoughts, love and everything else to you all.

huge,kisses and kittens,



4 thoughts on “good morning.

  1. Lexi (this is em’s mom) I am so glad your blogging!!! and very excited for your next chapter of adventures! It’s going to be the stuff you get to thrill your gandbabies with one day (far-far-far down the road), sitting on a farvorite rocker on a welcoming porch!
    Smiles- Miss Bonnie

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