airplanes&&many other things.

So, I should probably come up with better titles but my brain is moving about as fast as a snail (i was up at 6 this morning thinking about everything i had forgot about the night before, which was alot). This is the beginning, when everything comes together, this is the start and i am ready for the green light.Excuse the cheesiness, I really have no idea what i am doing right now.I figure i needed to start early with this whole blogging thing and get it going because lets face it, i probably wont want to do it later.

Anyways i am sitting at the indy airport, where the excitement is bubbling over the top, like a pop that had been shaken and thrown around, these people are ready for Orlando.I am surrounded by children screaming and jumping up and down for what is about to happen next, adults dressed head to toe in disney apperal and by people who seemed just to be annoyed by the air surrounding them. I don’t know these people’s stories and they don’t know mine, they may be observant and see a young 20-something, drinking a starbucks iced carmel mac but let’s be honest, they probably aren’t.

To be honest this writing is calming me down. I hate plans and i hate flying, i am more of a stay on the ground or swim kinda gal myself. While this man is droning on and on about where to put certain bags and this girl is bitching at her parents, i am trying to stay focused and excited about what is to come next for myself. I am about to go on one of the biggest adventures yet.I may not be a new colonist going to a new land but i will see some exotic places, environments and cultures that some people will never get the chance to see.This is going to take a lot of hard work to stay positive, opptomistic and sane most of the time but i am def up for the challenge. What is life, if it isnt a bunch of challenges meshed together?

Well we are boarding. So once again farewell indiana, take it easy and i will see you soon.

To all my family and friends reading this, know i love you all and i will talk to you soon.

hugs, kisses and all the kittens in the world,



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