just like every great story, there first is a beginning.

After finishing my program with Disney, i had no direction.I knew what i was suppose to do; go back to school, get a job and move (for good) out of my parent’s house. Well i did go back to school, for two classes at the local community college (history&spanish, which i passed both, thank you very much). I got a job at the Olive Garden. But i never moved out. I just wasn’t that good, i mean two things off a three part list is pretty good, right? I met some pretty fantastic people doing all the things i did do. The Olive garden was fun, for awhile. School, well that was a bit difficult, i didn’t have Coach pushing me through it and well, coming from Disney (believe it or not) was pretty difficult. I mean there was so much entertainment,something to do every night and it was truly one huge party down there, in VISTA(cue loud party music,half naked girls and the mouse). Lets be honest btown isn’t all that much fun, there is nothing to do. So coming from one party, hardcore, take care of yourself life style and changing to a slower paced one, is pretty hard. I was jumping out of skin, looking for the next great thing i could do. I can’t sit still for the life of me and well things were getting to be stale by the first couple of weeks i was there (at home), so i did something about it. I went searching for jobs out of this country, things i wasn’t qualified for, things so far fetched i had people raising eye brows at me and just things that was ridiculous. I applied for a job in Alaska, giving tours, i have never been to Alaska and it’s cold there. I hate the cold and guess what they called me with in 24hours. I applied to work in a program to help the needy in other countries, raising chickens and such, well that wouldn’t have worked out. The list goes on. I knew i wanted to travel and i knew i wanted to work with people.I also knew i wasn’t going to last in such a small town before i blew up or ended up getting stuck there. 

But one day, the sun was shining in that dim january sky and i was watching my favorite channel, the travel channel, and they had a documentary about cruise lines. I have been on a couple before and the more i watched the more i got interested. So i grabbed my laptop and searched and searched for jobs, resulting me into applying for every opened job possible.One came to my attention though, Children’s activities on Carnival Cruise line? “No way?Positions opened?I guess i could try, why not?” I mean that’s what i did in Disney. I called in a couple of times sure, to go to the beach and sometimes just because my head was going to explode because of the night before, but while in florida i had a blast, i felt at home. I loved my job, the people i met and everything i learned from the people surrounding me.So i filled out the application and that’s when my life turned upside down. About 20mins after i filled out the application, i got an email.The email was from my recruiter and also the sweetest woman i have ever gotten to talk to, Stacia. Stacia emailed me asking when i could turn in some sheets and i did it in about 15mins and then she called. Later that night i had gotten a message saying i had an interview on Feb 16, 2013. Long story short, mom and i went to Cleveland had a blast for a weekend, ate the weirdest crap ever, and i had gotten a job working for Carnival, working for Camp Carnival. I waited what felt like forever and a half waiting to be told when i was going to leave, and finally i got the email saying pack your bags your leaving May 25th. This has been a whirlwind but to be honest i wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is my first post among many and i cant wait to share what happens next. i love you all back in indiana and all my other friends from around the world. Thank you for being the best support system a girl could ask for. I am truly blessed. i love you all and miss you already. 

hugs,kisses and kittens.




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